... Measure dialog box ...

To open the Measure dialog, double-click on an existing measure  :

The following options are available : 
  • Measure :
    • Select whether the measure will be a guitar or a bass one (no chord, 4 strings)
    • You can add a title to the measure, it will appear on top, at the beginning
    • New line specifies that when rendered (or printed), there will be a line-break before the measure
    • Solo only when playing : means that only notes will be played at playback, even if chords are there to show the positions
  • Rhythm
    • Tempo : the tempo, it can be 4/4, 3/4, 6/8, etc.
    • Rhythm multiplicator indicates how rhythm will be interpreted whithin the measure :
      • 1 : a rhythm is a quarter
      • 2 : a rhythm is an eigth
      • 4 : a rhythm is a 16th
      • 8 : a rhythm is a 32th
Clicking on OK will update the selected measure.
  Here, rhythm has been set to twice the previous speed (16th instead of eigth)
Here the previous measure has been changed into a bass one (note that chords have been removed).

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