Installation of Tablature Editor

 On Mac, Tablature Editor will only work (without sound support) on  Internet Explorer 4.01 or greater. It requires however a strong configuration (PPC, 32 Mo RAM) to work properly ... but it works on my PowerBook 150 (68030) !!
Internet Explorer 4 : (No sound support) 
  • get Internet Explorer 4.1 or higher and install it
  • download Tablature Editor and unzip it
  • go to Internet Explorer Options, Java section and select Microsoft Virtual Machine
  • in the Security section, lower the security settings for the Intranet zone,
  • open Editor.html
  • the browser will display a dialog box asking you to grant some privileges (load the javamidi library, read files, etc), click YES

Test it
Depending on your configuration, this might not work because of security concerns, prefer Download.