Installation for sound support

Playback is only supported on Windows platforms (95, 98, Me, NT, 2000). An installation is required for Netscape users (Internet Explorer does not require it). For all the other features, Tablature reader will work without any installation on all recent browsers (Netscape 3 and greater and Internet Explorer 3 and greater).  

The installation of sound support consists in 7 files that need to be copied on your computer (one dll and six classes to handle MIDI output, these programs come from the MIDI package by Mickael St Hypolite). 

First donwload and extract its content with Winzip or Pkunzip in a temporary directory. You should see a dll called javamidi.dll and a directory midi with six class files in it. The installation procedure is described hereafter : 

Netscape 3 or greater :
  • drop the javamidi.dll in the netscape/program/java/bin directory
  • drop the midi directory in the netscape/program/java/classes directory
  • bookmark this site and restart your browser
  • after loading Tablature, the browser will display a dialog box asking you to grant some privileges (load the javamidi library), click GRANT.
Java Runtime Environment :
  • drop the javamidi.dll in the bin directory of the JDK
  • drop the midi directory in the lib directory of the JDK
  • start Tablature Reader with the following : appletviewer tablatureXX.html or Tablature Editor by clicking on run.bat