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The File menu will let you  begin a new Tab or load an existing one, save it, preview it and print it :

 Select : 
  • New        :  creates a new Tablature
  • Open        : opens an existing one
  • Save/Save as    : saves your work
  • Generate HTML    : will create a new Web page for your Tablature
  • Print        : will print the Tab
  • Quit        : close the application

  • Preview    : will open a new window showing what the Tablature will look like with the Tablature reader, for instance, this work :
  • Will look like this .. as in the reader on a Web page.

A new feature "Generate HTML ..." has been added to easily create a template HTML file for your tablature. This feature generates an HTML file mytab.html that embeds all the necessary tags for the reader applet. Then, you just have to customize it with an HTML editor.

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