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The Insert menu allows the insertion of all the objects that make up the Tablature, that is  :

  • Measure   : a measure is the starting point of everything, you must create a measure and then insert chords, notes, etc. into it (those items will be disabled in the menu unless you select an existing measure). A measure has several properties such as the note on top of it, wether it is a bass or guitar measure, etc. Measure properties can be changed by double-clicking on it, the following dialog box appears. The CTRL M shortcut can be used to insert a measure. Note that menu items are now disabled when not available.

  • Chord   : chords can be added to a measure (CTRL H), first select a measure (a blue rectangle surrounds it) or an existing chord, then choose Insert Chord. A chord has many properties such as its name, fret, capoed or not, etc, by default, an A is inserted. Chord properties can be changed by double-clicking on it, the following dialog box appears.

  • Note   : a note can be inserted in a selected measure or after a selected note. Here we can see that a rhythm linked to the note is automatically added, this is usefull when you write a solo since every note has a duration, so you can easily set a note to be a quarter, an eigth, etc. However, if you do not want/need this behavior, you can unset this option in the Option dialog.
Notes can also be inserted more easily by maintaining CTRL pressed while pointing the mouse within the measure. Like this you can rapidly add notes (or simultaneous notes, depending on the settings defined in Options) where you want. 
Important note : to go even faster, try to CTRL-click on an existing note, the new note will be created just after, and will have the same value ... this is very usefull ! (here, insertion of multi-notes has been set).

When inserted, you can modify a note by right-clicking on it : a pop menu enables you to modfy note value and to to add alteration (bend and tremolo).

  • Rhythm   : Rhythm is never used alone, it has to be linked to a chord or a note (or to words why not). When done, it means this chord has this rhythmic or this note has this duration. A rhythm can be modified by double-clicking on it, the following dialog box appears. [Oops, I've just noticed that I misspelt rhythm on every picture, sorry but I'm too lazy to change them all !)

  • Words   : you can add words to a selected measure (CTRL W). When done, clicking on it will select the object (the text appears in blue) and allows edition.

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