Use of rhythm with the chords

Rhythm can be associated with the tablature. It is declared within a mesure tag. By default, the resolution is 2, meaning that one rhythm description will correspond to an 8th note (e.g. there will be 8 rhythm descriptions per mesure). The resolution can be one of 1,2,4 and 8 and is declared as a parameter of the mesure, for instance <M rhythm=4>. The rhythm is declared as follows :
  • O means 'play' this time
  • . means 'don't play' this time
  • x means play muted

Here is the sample :

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Here is the tablature file :

Lesson 2 : put some rhythm with the chords

<M rem="Rhythm = 1 (quarter-note)" rhythm=1>
<Chord Name="@0Em">
O . O .

<M rem="Rhythm = 2 (eighth-note)" rhythm=2 newline>
<Chord Name="@0D">
O. OO .O O.

<M rem="Rhythm = 4 (16th-note)" rhythm=4 newline>
<Chord Name="@0C">
xxx. O..O .O.O O.O.

<M rem="Rhythm = 8 (32nd-note)" rhythm=8 newline>
<Chord Name="@0G">
O.O.O.O. O.O.O..O
<Chord Name="@0C">
.O.O.O.O OO.O..O.