Tips for using Tablature

  • To make your tablature fit into the applet window, you must give the right size to the applet (with the Height and Width parameters), scrollbar will be added automatically if it is too small. Applet size is controled by the values of WIDTH and HEIGHT in the HTML page.
  • You can force a mesure to be on a newline by putting the keyword NEWLINE in the mesure tag : <M Newline >
  • You can create measures with different tempos than 4/4 by using the keyword TEMPO within a mesure tag, e.g. <M TEMPO="3/8">
  • If you don't want to hear the chords while playing a solo, put a soloonly in the mesure tag, for instance <M soloonly>
  • When a tablature doesn't contain any rhythm informations (O.. OO), each note is played as a quarter note

Common problems and solutions

  • The applet starts and then raises a NullPointerException : the parameter 'tablature' of the applet may have a bad value. This parameter MUST have as value an URL relative to the HTML document, or an absolute URL, like Tablatures/tab.tbl or
  • I've got a huge amount of Syntax Errors : the parser is quite 'cool' in that it will always try to reach the end of your file. So, the actual error is always the FIRST one, the other might be due to this first error
  • I work with Netscape to create a tab and when I press the Reload button, the tablature doesn't actually reload : press Shift+Reload and it will work